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Puppies for sale by recommended breeders

2 Males
B2 - M1(SOLD)        B2 - M2

2 Females
B2 - F1               B2 - F2

These wolf dog puppies are "High Content" selling for $400.00 each plus transportation. Use the code letters and numbers to identify the pups you would like to purchase.

Go to the Terms Agreement page, read the agreement and check the box accepting the terms in order to get to the purchase page. Use the PayPal drop down box to choose the pups you would like to purchase and choose your deposit amount. You do not need to be a PayPal member to use this service. All credit cards accepted.

After purchasing you will be brought back to the Purchase page Contact area to give your shipping information and to set up payment for shipping of your puppies. Shipping to your United States location is $250.00 each.

After you make your purchase, you will be brought to the Contact page to email the breeder to set up the shipment of your puppy and arrange to pay for shipment of $250.00.

A note from the breeder of the B2 puppies:

We bought Hoss from a breeder in Crooksville, Ohio. When we picked him up I had to crawl into the den to get him out. He was not social. When we got him we were the first humans to handle him. I saw the parents but they were not very social either. It took Hoss til he was 4 months old befor he trusted us enough to allow us to handle him.

Then we got penny because Hoss needed a mate. Penny's parents are pure timber wolf. we took her as a favor to a friend. The other animals were trying to kill her so we took a chance with her. When we saw how they were raisng their animals we decided to do the opposite of what they did.

Our pups are handled within 15 minutes of birth. We even help dry them off. We play with them everyday. They are very social and they are going to be big. Anyway, Hoss and Penny got together and had Little Joe. Then we bought Natasha from a breeder in New Mexico. She and Little Joe got together and along came Little Bit.

Hoss weighs 150 pounds and Natasha is 45 pounds.

The female pups are turning redish in color. They are looking real good. The male is still grey in color. You really need to see them. if I can get a video done I will have it shown here. The pups running up to you when you call them is a awsome sight to see.

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